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The Prophesied Church (1/8/23)
  • YouTube Video
The Model Church (1/15/23)
The Sum of Peace (1/22/23)
Taught Wrong, but Baptized Right (1/29/23)
Born Once and Die Twice or Born Twice and Die Once (2/1/23)
  • YouTube Video
"Whenever You Come Together" (2/5/23)
"For One Morsel" (2/12/23)
"Whoever Marries Her Who Is Divorced" (2/19/23)
Disciplining the Wayward (2/26/23)
Count the Cost (3/5/23)
"Receive a Hundredfold" (3/12/23)
"It Is No Longer I Who Live" (3/19/23)
Six Faces Along the Jericho Road (3/26/23)
Why I Believe (4/2/23)
12 Ways to Build Trust (4/9/23)
Examples that Bind (4/23/23)
Unaccompanied Singing (4/30/23)
"Hear the Parable of the Sower" (5/7/23)
The Woman God Chose to Raise His Son (5/14/23)
Hostile Witnesses of Christ (5/21/23)
Bud Light Ain't Right (5/28/23)
​For a Successful Tent Meeting (6/4/23)
Grumbling (6/11/23)
The Man God Chose to Raise His Son (6/18/23)
Gambling (6/25/23)
"By What Authority Are You Doing These Things?" (7/9/23)
"From Heaven or From Men?" (7/16/23)
"Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" - Part 1 (7/23/23)
"Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" - Part 2 (7/30/23)
You Shall Not Turn Aside to the Right Hand or to the Left (8/6/23)
"Understand What the Will of the Lord Is" (8/13/23)
The Plan of Salvation Stated, Exemplified, and Implied (8/20/23)
"They Have Not All Obeyed the Gospel" (8/27/23)
"I Know Your Works" - Evangelism (9/3/23)
"I Know Your Works" - Edification (9/10/23)
"I Know Your Works" - Ministering to the Saints (9/17/23)
"I Know Your Works" - Unauthorized Actions (9/24/23)
The Religion of Jeroboam (10/1/23)​
Parents and Their Grown Children (10/8/23)
"Until He Has Destroyed You from This Good Land" (10/22/23)
​Revelation Revealed (10/29/23)
Frequently Asked Questions About the Preacher (11/5/23)
"They Uncovered the Roof" (11/19/23)
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